For all overseas manufacturers & vendors considering expanding retail to Japan

Company Information

TEKWIND is a multi-distributor proposing excellent products from around the world to the Japanese market.

We propose exceptional products and new technologies from overseas vendors to consumers in Japan. We have over 20 years of experience as a leading vendor agent, carrying out marketing activities, sales strategies, planning, and execution in Japan.
TEKWIND is a multi-distributor that acts as a link between the Japanese market and outstanding overseas vendors.

As No. 1 company in PC distribution in Japan, we have earned the trust of the world's top vendors.

Tekwind has partnered with more than 50 industry-leading vendors such as Intel, Microsoft and Western Digital on computer related products such as CPU, OS, HDD, VGA card, mother board, memory and more. As a hub for end users such as vendors and dealers, we contribute to vendors’ businesses as a whole. We welcome contact from vendors and dealers considering expanding sales to Japan for the first time with products of all categories. Never hesitate to contact us.

Product Proposal Form for Vendors*

We will consider proposed products and contact only those whose proposal is deemed to be mutually beneficial.