Our Service

To manufacturers and suppliers

We have firmly established ourselves with the world’s leading manufacturers as the No. 1 distributor of PCs.

Tekwind has distribution agreements with Intel, Microsoft, and Western Digital as well as more than 50 other leading global manufacturers of computer-related products such as PCs, OSs, HDDs, VGA cards, motherboards and memory devices. We provide all-around support to manufacturers as a hub for manufacturers, dealers and end users.

Strategy sharing with manufacturers

We work with manufacturers on their product and sales strategies and provide customers and users with seasonal product and technical information in a timely manner. We have received praise and positive feedback from our customers for not only being the first to offer new products but also actively providing technical advice and other such services.

Partnering in storefront sales support activities and deploying new products and technologies to the market quickly

By having a professional, well-rounded team perform the necessary sales support activities at store locations, such as sales floor maintenance (including securing the necessary space and inventory and setting up POP displays), in-store product demonstrations and product workshops for sales staff, we are able to strengthen our relationships with dealers and promote sales of the manufacturer’s products. This is how we provide carefully-crafted services that could only be offered by a company on the first line of sales.

PR activities to raise product awareness

Utilizing our extensive network of media connections, we perform PR activities such as issuing press releases, conducting publicity events and placing ads, and distributing product news on behalf of manufacturers. These wide-ranging targeted PR activities provide comprehensive backup for activities designed to raise awareness of new products and increase end-user loyalty.

Comprehensive support for event planning and management

We provide comprehensive support for joint events with other manufacturers, consumer awareness campaigns, product exhibitions and other events from customer attraction to planning, management, PR and survey conduction. Our high value-added services which draw in customers and end-users are made possible by our extensive knowledge of products, technology and marketing techniques.

Fully-integrated support services, including user support

We have our own support desk from which we handle everything from inquiries to repairs and replacements. This allows us to keep on top of direct user information as well as user information gathered from stores and events and provide feedback to manufacturers.